Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Here's A Good Step Towards Prevention

We all know this is a bad situation with the oil spill. Friends of the Earth put together a petition to end bunker fuel use. Please go to their on-line petition and take action.

Thank you to everyone for all your efforts, more updates to come.



RW said...

What are the alternatives to Bunker Oil? Diesel?

Are Diesel or other alternatives really cleaner in the long run? Diesel requires more refining, which I assume means more energy required to produce it, and presumably the nasty byproducts extracted from the oil during refining still exist and have to be disposed of -- are they burnt off in refining or extracted as soilds or liquids that can be cleaned reused or disposed of?

Would retrofitting ships with more durable tanks (double walled? flexible burst resistant bladders?) to prevent spills, and adding particulate scrubbers and other emission controls on exhaust be more effective?

I assume that converting a ship from Bunker Fuel to something like Diesel would require scrapping a large portion of the power plant.

Are there any studies that show the net environmental gain by scrapping bunker fuel?

Betty H. said...

I agree with RW about the fact that we better ask a lot of questions before we start trying to end bunker fuel use...

It's easy to let our passions & anger try to change things, but we should do so in a patient, educated fashion (so we don't make things worse.)

Betty H. said...
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Milliscent Morgan said...

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