Sunday, November 18, 2007

How is OB Now; How Can I Help Further?

I have been hiking around OB today checking different spots. Even though many of the beaches in the area have been opened, I'm not so sure that I would play fetch with my dog in the surf yet or enjoy some of the nice swell that is in town.
I think one area that might be helpful is to check different parts of the coast line and post your results to the blog or email your info in. We have plenty of certified resources to sweep through an area now.

Areas Checked at OB Area:
-Sloat (first lot & second lot)
-Ft. Funston

Still some small oil spots here and there (very few) about a quarter or dime sized along the water line. Check any plastic or trash you see as the oil bonds to floating objects. Surfers are reporting they don't notice the water being oily.



Sara said...

I checked at Ortega on Sunday afternoon. Some little blobs here and there, very scarce though.

k. ober said...

On Friday, the 24th, (between 10 and 3) I cleaned from Pacheco to north of Noriega. I collected considerably less oil than the week before. At the high water mark I found oil bound to sea weed, wood and plastic. Found 1 dead bird about half way between Noriega and Pacheco (called in to 311, will check to see if it's still there). Also found some contaminated boom material wound around a large timber (who to report to?). Around 2p as the tide was going out, there was quite a bit of fresh oil in the intertidal zone, west of the Pacheco entry. there were several blobs approximately the size of the tongs of the plastic fork I was using. So, where can I dispose of this stuff? I didn't see any yellow barrels?

dark foreigner said...

Went to surf at Pacifica for the first time.

Water was cold. Hovering smog was an apparent climate condition in the far distance. About 100 surfers in the breaks. No visible trace of oil. Yet that water ain't blue by any stretch of the imagination?!.

Did I have fun surfing? Oh yes.

Muchas gracias for your mobilizing efforts.

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