Saturday, November 10, 2007

OB Beach Cleanup Saturday 11/10/07 12:30 UPDATE

We are now at Judah Street and Great Highway.

Come on down to help out!

We have supplies, can always use more!

Wear your old clothes!



stephanie said...

We all want to clean up the beaches. I, too, am very frustrated by what seems to be a slow, uncoordinated and possibly incompetent response to this tragic event.

BUT - the next 48-72 hrs is very crucial for wildlife - especially the birds. Birds spend much of their time preening in order to keep their feathers separated. This allows tiny air bubbles to form a layer of insulation that helps protect them from the cold of the water. Oil mats their feathers together and destroys this layer of insulation. Oiled birds will try to come to shore to get warm (ie out of the cold water) UNLESS there are people on the beaches! We will scare them away, just by our presence! If they are too scared to come ashore, they will remain in or return to the water and die of hypothermia. This is information received directly from equally-passionate BIRD RESCUE PROFESSIONALS, including the Oiled Wildlife Care Network, and the Department of Fish and Game.

We must focus on what we can do to actually help - keep calling sf 311, volunteer centers, mayor's office, senators, whomever you can think of, and make them get their act together! Make them hear us, make them find a way for us to help! But, please, stay away from the beaches for the next few days.

K. Marcus said...

Please be sure to post planned work for Sunday and Monday, OK? I'm off Monday and ready to work. Too bad it started to rain today, but I got a good 3 hours work in. Thanks for all you are doing. San Franciscans are showing their true colors by not waiting around on government action.