Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Training For Volunteer Certification 11/14/07

Disaster Service Worker Volunteer Certification

  • Wednesday, November 14th
  • 6pm - 10pm
This training is endorsed by:

-Kill The Spill
-San Francisco Department of Emergency Management


c said...

do we need to bring anything with us?

Ash said...

When and where will the next clean up for "unofficial" volunteers be?
A group of people from my co-op would like to participate in some guerrilla clean-up, but we are all full-time students and not available for the training.

Heidi Fuller said...

Don't know if anyone caught this, but it's utterly distressing. An unofficial clean-up volunteer was roughly treated and cited for "entering an emergency area." Here's the link: http://www.marinij.com/ci_7430910?source=most_viewed. Just for doing what makes sense. On the other hand, I've read where other folks receive warnings, but aren't really bothered if they continue. Good luck.

Betty H. said...

Spoke to a really nice Game Warden today in Richmond. He stated they are going to start doing oiled bird rescues at dusk/night, when the birds come to shore to rest/sleep. Apparently they are easier to sneak up on & catch, making it less stressful on the birds. He warned me against going into the area, but was at least nice about it.

Charley said...

I'm also interested in some unofficial clean up. Also, if it's not possible to do any beach cleanup, what other kind of activities can people do to help out in this? OWCN isn't taking more volunteers right now and I really have no clue as to where the needs are. Any ideas?

k. ober said...

I went to this training 11/14. about 100 (including me) were turned away due to lack of space. It's frustrating that the officials in charge are so clueless. Why use bill graham auditorium for a "non training" but not actual training? senseless.

coldh2o said...

Just like the lame response by the governmental organizations, the organizers of the training in GG Park last night horribly underestimated the number of willing volunteers. Literally hundreds of people were turned away because the room was too small. Hasn't anyone realized that the way to approach an oil spill is to overestimate, then scale back if needed. I spoke to people that drove as far as Santa Rosa to learn how to help, what a shame. We have a willing army of thousands of volunteers that can help, but the slow and feeble response has been frustrating.

CrazyE said...

If you guys could post any info about helping out for people that could not make the training on Wednesday that would be greatly appreciated...I think I speak for a lot of people when I say I will do whatever it takes to help get OB back in great condition even at the risk of citation or detention by authorities. The ocean is worth much more to me than a mere misdemeanor or night in jail, but we just need a constructive outlet to focus on to make this situation better. Thanks.

Matthew Blain said...
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Matthew Blain said...

There is much more recent information on the Zuna Surf website, including information on several new training sessions in the next few days:


Anonymous said...

Thought I woudl share this info. The training on the 15th is obviously over but the link might be helpful:

Volunteers can register for beach cleanup and training at www.sfconnect.org and www.californiavolunteers.org. Trainings are currently scheduled in San Francisco and Berkeley.

Upcoming local volunteer health and safety training:
Half Moon Bay
Thursday, November 15th
735 Main Street, Half Moon Bay
5-9 pm
For more information in San Mateo County visit: www.smcalert.info

Saturday, November 17
Berkeley Senior Center at 1900 Sixth St.
8 a.m. – 12 p.m.
For additional information in Berkeley visit: www.cityofberkeley.info
For additional information and possible training sessions, please see the following web addresses:


http://www.thevolunteercenter.net (San Francisco)

www.tiburonaudubon.org (Marin County)

www.ibrrc.org/volunteer_steps_nc.html (International Bird Rescue Research Center)

www.vetmed.ucdavis.edu/owcn/volunteers.html (Oiled Wildlife Care Network)

jennifer said...

My son is a Haz Mat trained stationary engineer( in Union 39) and has worked for years at marinas, the Maratime Academy in Vallejo etc.. He says that the globs of bunker oil can clump and sink to the bottom and harm the creatures and biota who live on the bottom of the Bay We haven't seen any talk about this aspect? Is this happening? If so, how will that we addressed? Please find out!!!

He also mentioned a Chevron tanker of crude oil collided and leaked in the early 1970's off the Golden Gate . He and his teenage friends went to do clean ups on the coast--people were welcomed and encouraged without talk about liability--they used common sense being careful to keep oil off themselves.

Patrick Furtado said...


Can you keep this site updated daily at least for another week or so?

Where should trained volunteers go tomorrow - Sunday?

Liza said...

I participated in the "official" cleanup at OB & Baker Saturday.. picked up lots and lots of tiny bits of oil, and there are lots more out there. At this point the oil has dispersed and broken up so much most drops were the size of pencil erasers and it was hard to see unless it had sat long enough to form a tiny rainbow sheen around each drop.

Around 3:30 they made everyone leave the beach and said no more official cleanups were scheduled in SF. I can understand it's alot of resources for the city to set up that operation, but the hazmat suits are way over the top for the quantities of oil out there, and are just serving to create more pollution.

Fact is, there is still lots of oil out there, and anyone with gloves and a plastic spoon can pick it up safely. If the keystone kops will let you onto your local beach (all beaches in Marin are still closed - wtf??) please keep an eye out. And if anyone has any other ideas how to help, please pass them on...

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