Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dubai Star Spill Update

Current State:
-We currently have people monitoring Ocean Beach for oil from the latest spill and still shows no signs.
--Alameda is reporting oil on the beach with oil coated birds washing up on shorelines.
-Still waiting on info relating to the impact of the spill and how many gallons of bunker fuel is in the bay?
--Latest estimates indicate 100-200 gallons?

What you can do now to help:
-Volunteer teams are stuffing numerous hair booms this weekend. Please send in your nylons or stocking (clean or washed). It’s ok if the stockings have runs in them, according to Matter of Trust’s Lisa Gautier, they will double them up. Please send your nylons this week through November 8, 2009 to:
Matter of Trust
99 St. Germain Avenue
San Francisco CA 94114
-Please be ready to mobilize with cleanup efforts hiting OB if needed. Updates to coordinate cleanup efforts will be posted on this blog and also at:
Moving Forward:
-This spill and others give us a tiny fraction of the problems we could face with off shore drilling developements on our own coastlines. Please take a couple minutes to sign the on-line petitions opposing off shore oil.